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New cover photos

8 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: brett

We've added some great new cover photos to choose from in your cover photo library! Just tap on the edit cover photo button when you're on your profile, choose "Select from Pornhub library" and scroll down to see the new cover photos. Choose one you like and hit save.

Three of the new cover photos feature huge star, Dani Daniels.

Here are the new ones you can choose from:

Accurate Titles, Categories and Tags

8 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: Mia


We love the diversity and creativity of all the content created, as long as it’s within context.

Moving forward all video titles, categories and tags will need to be accurate and representative of the content in all cases.

For example: Titles that mention step fantasy and do not contain any dialogue or content that suggests that fantasy.

Repeat infringers may see earnings removed from their inaccurate videos.

Infringing content will not be eligible to win prizes (including, but not limited to, Video of the Month, Video of the Year or contest prizes).

Keep in mind that descriptive and accurate titles, categories and tags will help your content perform better!

Keep up the great work!


Alix lynx interview at AVN

8 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

My girl Alix Lynx takes on the age old question, "whats the weirdest thing that's ever been inside of you" at AVN 2016 this year. I can personally answer that with the simple answer of Elsa from Frozen, the happy meal edition. Let's not go there, T'was an odd evening. I especially liked Dana Dearmond's answer, feelings. Check it out and enjoy!!

Pornhub and Redtube advertising contest

8 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

As most of you may have noticed we tend to have some really cool ads running on Mostly high speed blowjobs and other fun sex related stuff but once in a while we’ve been known to feature ad collabs with doughnut companies, high end clothing lines and even blockbuster movie adverts, to name a few. If you think about it, with over 60 million people hitting up the site each day, it’s basically an advertising goldmine. There’s definitely something to be said about the kind of exposure you can get on Pornhub, and we don’t necessarily mean just nudity. So, we decided to run a contest where we open the site to the public for a chance to win some highly coveted ad space. Anyone who owns a company, start up or is even just a budding entrepreneur and wants to spread the word about their brand on Pornhub and Redtube can enter for a chance to win $100k worth of ad space on two of the most highly trafficked websites in the world! The nature of your company could be anything ranging from sex related to orthopedic, it DUN MATTA, you just need to impress us with your creatives. For more information and to enter to win, check out and good luck!

Pornhub Porndub

8 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

Pornhub proudly presents PornDub Episode 1! We took bad lipsynching to the neXXXt level and it’s quite lol IMO. My favorite is probably Belle Knox trying to decide her death row meal. Im also really into Evan Stones stellar appearance, along with my girl Asa. Check out the clip below!

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