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5 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: Mia

Along with all the amazing changes that the Model Payment Program has seen recently, we have one more surprise!

We are proud to announce our new helpdesk. This will be a space where you can get all the information that you need about the Model Payment Program.

With the astonishing growth the program has gained lately, we receive a very high volume of emails everyday and used these to compile answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Currently, there are nine sections that cover everything you need to know about the program:

- How to Join
- Getting Verified
- Additional Performers
- Earnings and Payouts
- Video Specs
- How to Succeed
- Contests and Awards
- Other Features

You can vote up or down each article and leave comments or any feedback that you have, because your opinion matters!

We are always happy to support and help you in any way possible and we are hoping that this will offer you faster & easier assistance to any issues that may arise.

Refer to it before emailing us because you will most likely find the answer to all your questions and issues :)

~ Mia

Wheeler Walker Junior

5 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

Guess who's back!!!! Our boy Wheeler Walker Junior is back with his latest, Puss In Boots, exclusively on Pornhub. Puss In Boots, is the third music video off Wheeler’s highly anticipated second album, "Ol’ Wheeler" and explores Wheeler’s lust for a hometown, down-to-earth country girl. This song is what got me into country music. Check it out!!

CJ Fly Dope video premiere on Pornhub!

6 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

GUYYYYYYS you need to check this out! Pornhub is super stoked to be exclusively premiering CJ Fly’s latest music video for his track Dope. This video’s really got it all – tits, weed and a banging beat! Check it out below and be sure to watch it at least 69 times in a row.


6 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: ARIA

We have launched a new app that allows you to share nudes, sans consequence. It's called TrickPics. Basically it allows for you to send dick pics with special filters that make go from NSFW to SFW as quickly as you can have an orgasm! Go ahead! Download it and send the first on to your crush, on us! Download here for Apple and here for Android!

Model Spotlight - LitleOralAndie

6 miesięcy temu

dodane przez: Mia

With the ongoing success of Pornhub's Model Payment Program, Pornhub's Model Spotlight will be a great way to get to know some of our biggest stars! This month, we interviewed LittleOralAndie! She joined the Model Payment Program back in January 2016 and her jaw dropping oral skills are impressive to say the least! Her videos have helped her reach over 105K subscribers and close to 110 million video views to date. Not only did she win Amateur Model of the Month for March 2017, she was the Newcomer of the Year for 2016! This being said, we wanted to know more about Andie!

How did you get into the industry?

It was actually an accident! I was a stay at home mommy and had just had a baby, Kahlen, my boyfriend at the time now my fiancé, was working at a lumber yard and not making much money at it. I had been trying to think of ways to make some extra money while still being able to stay at home with my daughter. My previous job didn’t bring in enough to cover childcare and honestly, Kahlen and I were really struggling to make ends meet. As it was, we had been filming each other having sex for years and had amassed quite a collection of homemade blowjob/fucking videos for our personal fun. I came up with the idea that maybe people would have interest in watching some of them because they were pretty sexy I thought. I did a Google search about it and found Pornhubs Amateur Model Program and it was highly rated. I decided to give it a try it and see what happened and uploaded my first video “Yummy” in January 2016. It literally changed our life almost overnight!. Within 3 months I was making more in 1 month than I did in a year at my previous job and after 3 months, Kahlen made the decision to quit and do this full time. I’m so thankful to Pornhub and to the members for being so supportive and amazing to us!

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

Do your research, be careful, and have fun. When I first started filming and posting on Pornhub, I met a lot of girls asking for help that were not in control of their content and had no say in who they filmed with, what they were filming, and made very little money at all. I remember one girl who was filming for a studio here locally that was scheduled to shoot a gangbang with 10 guys she had never met the next day. Her boyfriend had set it up and was charging the guys to be with her..I was like Omg! Work with people you know and trust and just have safe fun. Most of all, be consistent and stay with it, It will pay off in the long run as long as you improve with every video, stay friendly with your fans and always put out a positive vibe. It’s a load of fun really.

Did you ever thought of going the professional route, if so who’s the first pornstar or studio that you would choose to shoot with?

Not really. I love the flexibility of being able to shoot whenever, wherever, with whoever I want to. I’m enjoying filming, editing, and sharing my own content with my fans. If I ever decided to do something professional I would want to keep it in the Pornhub family so to speak. I think I would probably want to shoot with Mark Rockwell first, I love his style, he films beautiful videos and I enjoy watching his work.. he is killing it!

Do you have a pornstar crush?

I do but I’ll never tell LOL She might be reading this! :} 

Who would you say is your pornstar idol?

Heather Brooke most definitely! She could suck and deepthroat a cock like no other! I aspire to be as amazing as she is one day for sure.. she was a huge early inspiration to me. I also like Sylvia Saint, I always found her sexy and loved watching her when I first started watching porn.

What's the most embarrassing/funny moment that has happened to you during a shoot?

Haha, there has been way too many to even count. I’ve been shot in the eye, up my nose, and in my hair with cum, it makes editing very fun and really makes me enjoy what I do. A few weeks ago we were filming in our bedroom window for “Cum Overload” and the neighbor drove by...slowed way down and Kahlen saw him looking. We both ducked back but I know he saw us LOL I cut THAT scene from the video.

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

This is tough because I find so many people sexy LOL I get the tingles a little from Scarlett Johansson, especially as Black Widow in the Marvel series OMG! I would do her anywhere, anytime!

How did you hear about Pornhub’s Model Payment Program?

I actually Googled it LOL I had been watching porn on Pornhub for a long time before I found out about the Model Payment Program. I’m so excited to be a part of a site I’ve loved for so long and love interacting with the fans which I consider friends!

What is your favorite…

Video on your account?

Oh that’s a hard one. Well it is a tie between Oily Sticky Sexy and Two Cocks One Mouth. I just love the way they look and sound, are two of my favorites and get a lot of great comments from my friends on Pornhub.

Category on Pornhub?

Deepthroat Blowjobs, I love watching other girls sucking huge cocks and especially taking cum in their mouth and swallowing it. I’m really a closet cum addict, the sight, smell and sensation of it in my own mouth is a huge turn on!

Sex position?

Next to being on my knees sucking cock, I LOVE Doggystyle, it always make me cum so hard.

Type of video to film?

Blowjobs, I love giving head and would do it 100 times a day if Kahlen could keep up, haha. As I have mentioned, I love the way cum tastes and the feel of it in my mouth and going down my throat. I honestly can’t get enough.

Thing about Pornhub ?

The support and friends we have made as part of this amazing community! Most of the other models, staff, and community are always great at supporting each other. Anytime I have a question or concerns you guys handle it almost immediately which I love. I have made so many friends here and truly feel at home in the community. I am looking forward to being a part of it for as long as you guys will have me and as long as the fans keep watching!! Thank you so much everyone!

Thank you so much Andie! xo

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