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Busty hot latina couple fucking in the kitchen

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19 940 382 views
84% 20698 3739
od:  - 8 Wideo
Gwiazdy porno:  Salome +
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Produkcja:  professional
Dodane na: 5 years ago
Polecane na: 5 years ago
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  • 5 years ago
    she is arabic lebanon im arabic thats why i know listen and u know
  • 5 years ago
    Ah man....no homo but he at least culda shaved...SUMthin lol. Who is this chik tho, damn she might have one of the best bodies ive ever seen
  • 5 years ago
    Ah man...no homo but the dude at least culda shaved....SUMthin. Who is this chik?
  • 5 years ago
    this looks so much like my friend its scary.. although my friend is a lot thinner
  • 5 years ago
    HA miam miam tu ces que jadore ta femme a toi !!
    Pk tu lui demande si sa ne va pa trop vite pour elle ou si elle na pas mal au dos ??
    S'il te plait prete la moi je suis un francais je vais lui montrer ce que ces qu'un mal un vrai et tu peut me croire que si tu me la prette un soir elle reveindra cher toi avec son trou complaitement eclaté qui aura doubler de volume avec moi yas pas de ta mal au dos o sa ne va pa trop vite ?
    ces directe une bite dans sa geule si elle se plain la gorss chienne .
    contacte moi si tu veut qu'elle boitep endnat une bonne semaine sérieusement se serai gentil de ta part .
  • 5 years ago
    OMG she is so hot
  • 5 years ago
    i want to suck and feel of her boobs while i fuck her
  • 5 years ago
    and she is stunningly beautiful
  • 5 years ago
    very sexy latina
  • 5 years ago
  • 5 years ago
    that girl was super hot and fuck did she have a great set too
  • 5 years ago
    she is uber fine
    him hes a little toooooo hairy
    but shes hot ;)
  • 5 years ago
    like R.Kelly said in Sex in the Kitchen : Sex in the kitchen over by the stove Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls
    Hands on the table, on your tippy toes We'll be making love like the restaurant was closed
  • 5 years ago
    she has perfect tits and a cute ass. This would have been way hotter if she were fucking me.
  • 5 years ago
    latina my ass
  • 5 years ago
    Wow, she is amazing. Don't see English girls like that. Luckily I live in London where foreign women come to live.

    On the subject of the man, I agree he ruined it a little bit. He is one of those men that has to shave twice a day. If he strains doing a particularly big shit he instantly grows a new beard. Lucky cunt.
  • 5 years ago
    that gorilla man ruined the video :(
  • 5 years ago
    Ah j'aime ce passage : - T'as pas fini la vaisselle ? - Non, j'avais envie de toi. Ca me rappelle des bons souvenirs ^^ Hey fuckers ! Our French girls kick ever other girls' ass on Earth ! :)
  • 5 years ago
  • 5 years ago
    its true tho, this woman is well more hot n young thn this guy
  • 5 years ago
    It's a french couple.
    I know it, i'm french >_
  • 5 years ago
    pillowy tits
  • 5 years ago
    everones hating on this guy because he getting a piece of this hot ass babe. dont hate. this chick has a great set of tits and my man is one lucky bastard to be getting some. and whats wrong with him taking his own pictures. hes getting his dick sucked and taking pictures.
  • 5 years ago
    HAHAHA bravo a cett magnifique femme très bandante contacter moi pour un autre film se sera avec grand palisir que je vous demolirez mademoiselle sincèrement.
  • 5 years ago
    I'm sorry but this dude is too ugly/gross to be doing this chick. :) She is grade A, top-notch snatch; she should be doing a baseball or soccer star.

    She looks, to me, like she's got some arab in her background. Her eyes remind me of a Jordanian girl I used to know.
  • 5 years ago
    keiler: Spanish isn't the only language that is latin. She could be Brasilian.
  • 5 years ago
    wet wet
  • 5 years ago
    he is hairy get a shave man
    shavers are not expensive and shaving cream
  • 5 years ago
    the guy looks a bit of a pervert
  • 5 years ago
    the guy looks a bit like a pervert
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