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She may not be a looker but she gives good head!

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272 372 views
80% 130 31
od:  Unknown
Kategorie:  Amatorki , Blowjob, Dojrzałe +
Gwiazdy porno:  +
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Added on: 5 years ago
Featured on: 5 years ago
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Wszystkie komentarze (14)
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  • Rajh 3 years ago
    She looks good to some . She looks bad to others. So what? To each his own. Her skills are great. And i'm sure she's a great sport (she has to be after all, they're filming this). I'd much rather have a girl that looks like this, that loves sex, than have a hot looking girl that lies there like a corpse!
  • marko50 4 years ago
    Oj słabo - słabo !
  • SamCee 4 years ago
    Well she got me hard.
  • pauluk121 5 years ago
    She certainly is not a looker in the conventional way, but I bet her Bf loves her, and after all, describe the worse BJ that you ever had! Answer! FANTASTIC

    Any hoots, I wouldn't say no!
  • smartham 5 years ago
    Most of these guys don't even have girlfriends or their wives have gone to fat anyways.

    Its all Internet bravado.
  • mr_211_the_elder 5 years ago
    once again pornhub embarasses themselves with their disrespectful titles. first of all, this woman is hot. people commenting the opposite are mostly doing so because they are used to believing whatever a product's label says.
  • lovessex69 5 years ago
    hey go easy she is not the best looking but i have seen worse becides she did a fucking good job i would let her suck my dick hell i would fuck her even !
  • charlie47 5 years ago
    Very harsh comments from all the guys, look a bj is a bj, what ever way you look at it,, and give her a break, she done her best, and she does like sucking cock, she can suck me off anytime.
  • Mikeyjapseye 5 years ago
    LOL @ comments she's a double bagger for sure
  • Maritt 5 years ago
    oh REALLY fellas... I really doubt any of you would turn down a blowjob regardless of who gave it to you, hahaha. Silly boys.
  • HellSpider 5 years ago
    why is that dog suckin his dick
  • darkangel_666 5 years ago
    its amazin how much cum inproved her looks lol
  • hurt342 5 years ago
    more like a brown paper worthy
  • The Puke 5 years ago
    and a sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but i will never know because i won't touch the filthy motherfucker
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