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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J

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72 312 451 views
74% 58371 20040
od:  officialvivid - 272 Wideo  6203
Gwiazdy porno:  Kim Kardashian , Ray J +
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Added on: 3 years ago
Featured on: 3 years ago
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Najpopularniejsze komentarze
  • SuciaMojadaX3 1 year ago
    shes just a regular hoe with outstanding promotion
    shiiit im at least 10 times better and i dont have my own show
  • Spark_Hazel 1 year ago
    I still can't believe how insanely popular she got because of THIS
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  • plaything1995 3 days ago
    Kim is one sexy bitch. I'd like to fuck her
  • mikeysettles 4 days ago
    puts this to shame way better.
  • Bigdickohs 4 days ago
    Hit me up on kik if your freak and wanna trade nudes no guys please. Kik;justindylanohs
  • ray_jay123 1 week ago
    i like the way she sucks dick lol but not when shes having sex
  • mkad12 1 week ago
    LMAO. look at all this views
  • FuckerVienna 1 week ago
    a typically armenian whore
    she sold her soul for money, such a bitch
  • benz1976 1 week ago
    very hot. i am armenian and very happy to watch armenian girl with a black dude. there are assume.
  • kasualsikness368 1 week ago
    Now lets stop and think for a second. Kim was not famous when she made this and Ray J was not very famous so why the fuck is she so fucking famous now again... I mean she literally just fucked a guy and got rich and didn't even have his baby -_-
  • FransC 1 week ago
    Love to see her suck that big black dick and her lovely juicy pussy being eaten. She's absolutely hot as hell.
  • justerrible 2 weeks ago
    Poor North. Other than the fact that her name is freaking NORTH, she also has to live with the fact that a video like this of her mom is on the internet. Who among you would want a video like this of your mom on the internet? Honestly. Jesus fucking wept!
  • phat_d1ck 7 months ago
    kim can come suck my dick next
  • pooppoop666666 7 months ago
    This makes my pussy wet!
  • jacksanders29 7 months ago
    she is so fucking hot
  • 9inchstud 7 months ago
    i would pound that pussy man..!!!!he wack as fuckkk
  • cankanka111 7 months ago
    Kardashian has a Sexyy Ass, I love you and Ass :)
  • abahouse 7 months ago
    nigga had a small dick lol
  • cumsofast 7 months ago
    I don't know what to say shes hot I guess
  • MatRod5 7 months ago
    Then seeing a man lick her pussy; fuck her hard; her having unprotected sex, and then asking a guy to cum on her face. All so classy. So now shes divorced twice and has had a baby out of wedlock (but then so did her sister). They are just such classy role models. Then take bikini shots of your underage sisters and post them online so old men can jack off to them. And keep spoiling them..So what if you cant drive yet- you deserve a $100,000 car. This family is all thats wrong with the US
  • MatRod5 7 months ago
    Whose shooting the video...THere are all these different camera angles that make it seem hes not always taking the shots. Its hard to believe that this was not planned and not planned to be leaked...And she doth protest too much as shes gotten rich off selling the tape to Vivid and then also it made her famous and led to everything else this skanky family has done. I wonder what Kanye thinks seeing her mouth around RayJ big black cock (What is it with her and black men only? -Theres some kind
  • Zweryfikowany użytkownik
    trev4187 8 months ago
    Add me looking for friends to trade pics or Kik me @ trev4187
  • EnglishDuck 10 months ago
  • CUNTZILLA 10 months ago
    what a dead lay and she definitely needs to learn how to suck cock . i give her a 2 on a 10 scale and its only cause she looks good
  • Zweryfikowany użytkownik
    Iactuallymadeone 10 months ago
    59 million wow
  • Dashie 10 months ago
    Just when you think your day can't get any worse, you come home and watch this shit. I mean, seriously? I would have expected better from a little slut celebrity who 'earned' her fame via the reproduction act, not to sound like a bucking egghead. That douche made a song about THIS lame, weak-ass session? I'VE READ MORE EXPLICIT FANFICTION.
  • syahkur 10 months ago
  • pussylickertitfuck 10 months ago
    kim is so hot but the video sucks
  • mwade74 11 months ago
    ..and this dude had the nerve to go on reality TV and judge other girls who showed up, for getting 'smashed' by men he knew ! What a douche he turned out to be. Glad no one even knows him anymore !
  • jamesgiannini1 11 months ago
    josh and cody
  • MonkeyDRuffy 11 months ago
    Mit das schlechteste das ich gesehen hab der Aund wiedert ein sogar irgendwie an und dieses gekaue als hätten die ein Kaugummi im Mund einfach nervig
  • _itsme_ 11 months ago
    i found an extreme hot babe named emma mae! check her out she has beautiful photos and some videos too i think. i didn't check them out yet but look up her pictures! so beautiful