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Beautiful Wife with Hung Stud

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83% 1337 256
od:  Unknown
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Added on: 2 years ago
Featured on: 2 years ago
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Najpopularniejsze komentarze
  • misterfebruary 1 year ago
    At 15:45...he's going in. The husband says "It's your pussy, man." That's the best part to me...he's blowin her back out, she's fuckin him back...BEAUTIFUL.
  • mickmister99 3 months ago
    I love a screamer !!!
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  • hollowayip 2 weeks ago
    She was the best kind of sucker, a taker, not a giver.
  • hollowayip 2 weeks ago
    This was okay, despite the camera jerking. I wanted more of her sucking, and I needed a finish on this.
  • hollowayip 2 weeks ago
    What does "that's your pussy, man" means? She doesn't scream like that for him? The husband also has a problem taking the pictures. He gave a moving target half the time. Like trying to sink a free-throw with someone moving the goal.
  • hollowayip 2 weeks ago
    He was sure spooked by that noise.
  • hollowayip 2 weeks ago
    She loves that dick. That's the beauty of this, aside from her out of the ballpark face.
  • videoxplorer 2 months ago
    11:34 terrible cut, shoulda kept rolling as she's picked up - would like to see her riding while he's standing
  • ibridge 2 months ago
    sexy feet too. Bonus!
  • mickmister99 3 months ago
    I love a screamer !!!
  • mickmister99 3 months ago
    80's music in he back ground
  • horrrneyrabbit 7 months ago
    i love horrney women
  • hdrider01 9 months ago
    Beginning at 6:25, I love screamers when they orgasm. I'm thinking it's a good thing the bull doesn't have any hair to pull. Husbands like to see that. ;-)
  • blackkaiba 9 months ago
    was waving goodbye! This had the reminiscences of another song! Say my name, say my name, say my name!
  • blackkaiba 9 months ago
    Pappa gonna have to leave
    A message on the telephone baby
    There won't be no stoppin' me
    Till the cops come knockin'
    She may have a man, butt, I being a man am and would be confused as to whom brought her love? The little toy she explained, the situation that brought her a NEW religion or the thrills that the chocolate person was stimulating, providing and answering to! And as misterfebruary, so aptly noted at at 1545 the revolution was LIVE! And that helping hand that kept appearing
  • blackkaiba 9 months ago
    flower to the sun. She watches the camera as it pans over them, answers his question about a ringing and proceeds to make her praise him with her tribute to her womanhood, desire and acceptance of HM in HER! Maybe it's NOT love, butt, whatever it was I would gladly have a woman affirm MY presence with such adore, passion and acceptance! They started off using lube, butt, I have a feeling they did not need it after he finished dining!
  • blackkaiba 9 months ago
    Whomever this man is I really love the way he conducts his business! Look at the way she turns to find ways to allow him to scratch an itch that he is eager for him to smooth and she is anxious for him to scratch! From our first sight of them looking at each other until he flips her over on the bed there is an understanding, a symbiosis that is what most of us would like to find and see and HAVE in and from another person! He disrobes her, falls to his knees and she opens up to him like a
  • Badddickrider 2 years ago
    He has a very nice dick i swear i wouldnt mind havin that for breakfast lunch and dinner plus dessert... go 12 rounds with that dick
  • mrmmman 2 years ago
    thats how brothas put it down...any takers?
  • tsinyar 2 years ago
    The thing most wrong with this is that it is not my wife in this video, would love to somehow get this going with my wife. Seeing her with a cock like this is my ultimate fantasy.
  • nazialuvsblack 2 years ago
    luv this big guy !!
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 years ago
    wow!!!!! NEW ORDER!!! i love them!!!!! new wave rules!!!!
  • thedo0d 2 years ago
    Tried to explain why it was so bad, but... there are just so many things! Great if you like bad porn.
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