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Dani Daniels first cock

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2 635 992 views
82% 5589 1153
od:  Unknown
Gwiazdy porno:  Dani Daniels , Manuel Ferrara +
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Added on: 1 year ago
Featured on: 1 year ago
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Wszystkie komentarze (176)
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  • Bigboi39 3 days ago
    Sure she will never forget her "first cock" now after that destruction
  • stopjerking17 5 days ago
    Damn, how many times did she cum!? For a first boy/girl scene this was insane!!
  • foreverralone 1 week ago
    I bet the camera guy jizzed in his pants
  • HenryMcneil 1 week ago
    to the idiots on the top comment it means her first boy girl scene not first ever cock
    • HenryMcneil 6 days ago
      your the idiot mate, it may say that but it means first scene not her first ever. Look at this interview with her if you don't believe me you mong :
    • Chuckdirtty 6 days ago
      Omg you are the idiot, look at the title of the video
  • rodstewart_ 1 week ago
    Shes a lesbian by choice then. Knew it. Shes obviously"bi" for the money because she acts like a total butch in her scenes. Love her body so its a shame id be crazy for dani if she didnt seem so...obviously girl distracted
  • jazzy_98 8 months ago
    I like her shoes...and that was some hot fucking right there, i would like to have him or someone like him to be my disvirginer...;-)anyone interested??
  • FuckMe13 9 months ago
    I think by 'first cock' it means that this is the first time she has done it with a real male, not that she is a virgin or anything, just that its her first time with a male. :)
    • ToDaMax 6 months ago
      No it's her first film with a man sweetie. Not her first dick ever.
    • hdav 7 months ago
      I'm thinking it's her first time on camera with a guy - a lot of her stuff is girl on girl but she seems to take a guy well.
  • Dr_Feelgood_NV 9 months ago
    O. M. F. G. I had to create an account just to leave a comment for this video. I wonder how many times she fucking came?! I first thought she was faking it because it was just too much...there was just no way...but the squirting towards the end confirmed it was all real! Manuel is a fucking GOD! Being multi-orgasmic and having no refractory period in between orgasms is why I envy most about women and makes me wish I were a woman sometimes..LOL. And I would love to have been crew member on this!
    • ToDaMax 6 months ago
      But he does it to every woman he fucks though. It's not just her. They all come back to back when if you watch them in other movies, it's a lot of acting but he takes over them. He's not selfish and fully aware of the female anatomy and how to please her. Manuel Ferrara is the man. Look him up on
    • ShyBBLady 6 months ago
      And the sheet was soaked!!!
  • Freakfurt 9 months ago
    O. MY. GOD.
    I'm sure it was the best fuck she've ever had in her entire life...
    I could die in peace after that Dx
  • bebosharma 9 months ago
    manuel is rock as always.....I wish he could fuck me .....
  • LowerTabb 9 months ago
    She's so hot, they both are.. just.. omg♥
  • sexysweetheart54 9 months ago
    This is literally the most perfect fuck. Hes incredible and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her now. Lol!
  • carrienbig 9 months ago
    He is the best lover ever. I’d pay for him to fuck me.
  • hunny09 9 months ago
    i know she's a lesbo..that's why first cock
    • ToDaMax 6 months ago
      A "lesbian" wouldnt be in a scene with a man but she is bisexual and know for only doing girl on girl only. This was her first scene with a male.
  • Dreamcancel 9 months ago
    this scene was bangin.. couldn't take my eyes off the screen.. didn't skip or anything
  • Tina_S 1 year ago
    THIS IS AN AMAZING FUCK: my dream fuck. If every guy could fuck like THIS... OMG! And even a great cumshot at the end and I definitely need to find a guy to fuck me with his fingers like this!
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