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Amateur Anal

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3 898 604 views
90% 6781 688
od:  Unknown
Kategorie:  Amatorki , Analny, Seks +
Gwiazdy porno:  +
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Added on: 3 years ago
Featured on: 3 years ago
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Najpopularniejsze komentarze
  • cuero3 2 months ago
    Why are you doing this? Please come home. Your mother and I are heartbroken.
  • 1991kid 1 year ago
    what a nice fucking booty
Wszystkie komentarze (64)
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  • jjj_cgn 4 months ago
    Die Kleine ist der Hammer.
  • JhonDow 5 months ago
    I like this
  • sub_boy 6 months ago
    Both are cuties ;)
  • biman107 6 months ago
    Also to join in.Her pussy now is pretty stretched out now cause of all the dick she has taken.She owns 2 big dildos one a 9 incher white the other 16 inch black.She takes both in her twat now The bigger one she takes in her ass about 12 of it,you should see her when I dp her how she squeals like a cat in heat loving it.If you are interested hit me up at we can set something up.Must be safe and clean and remember if you don't have abig one don't bother!!!!
  • silentsilvertounge 7 months ago there you go should be all she has done ... I can only find like 3 of them but I haven't really tried to hard either but yeah this is no amateur lol this was pretty late in the game for her
  • silentsilvertounge 7 months ago
    She has a few names but Ira, Sandra is what she goes by the most but earlier in her career she had braces which earned her the name Mäusezähnchen. I only know this cause i like this type of body easy to hold up against a wall while you fuck their brains out.
  • silentsilvertounge 7 months ago
    hate to break it to you but i have seen her all over the place .... been trying to find her name ... but i have found a few other movies with her :D
  • mycockinurass1 7 months ago
    i need a woman like her
  • mrtongue 7 months ago
    fuck yeah! hot!
  • Xenospara 7 months ago
    Great video ... she is awesome!!!
  • huppaker 2 years ago
    woooow loved it
  • phatima 2 years ago
    loving it
  • RedHeadedRiot 2 years ago
    god i love a girl who enjoys it in the ass. so hard to find. this video is amazing. hot guy with a great dick. hot girl with perfect parts. love it.
  • StevenFlorida 2 years ago
    One of my favorite vids,love her enthusiasm to let her man use her sweet loveholes for his pleasure,the ideal woman,mmm!
  • pageone 2 years ago
    Great scene but not amateur. Seen that guy before. Also a camera guy plus a director? Anyway very enjoyable but I would have liked more anal plus a creampie, Please shoot it again and could I be there when you do? Thanks.
  • RedHeadedRiot 3 years ago
    love it. plain and simple. thats my kind if couple!
  • PurrMonster 3 years ago
    love'd it when she started eating the cum (:
  • MisterPlow 3 years ago
    Great vid but ass to pussy is a dangerous thing.
  • maxhcfan 3 years ago
    Might get lot of attention from men, but well what would be bad side in that. Beautiful women get attention anyway, men watch porn and desire this and that. Still men know better than to harass, no matter what is the history on each. If she met some she happened to like, so it goes in everyones life in general, with facebook pages, pics, and things more like that. Not so out of this world things really.
  • maxhcfan 3 years ago
    Might get lot of attention from men, but well what would be bad side in that. If she met some she happened to like, so it goes in everyones life in general, with facebook pages, pics, and things more like that. Not so out of this world things really.
  • maxhcfan 3 years ago
    I would be proud of daughter being so confident that she'd have felt good about doing amateur porn with her partners. I think it is the modern days ways, and even if he would have published it then on the net like this, it wouldn't lessen her in any way, or give anyone right to harass her because of it. Her on video enjoys, and nothing wrong about that. Watchers should just aim to be able to have it as good if they can. :)
    • biman107 6 months ago
      Hey I agree with you because I am one of those proud fathers that fucks his own flesh and blood 20 year old daughter.I love it and so does she.I even introduced her to her first 3 some with 2 big dick studs of course I joined in, we gave her so much cock that she surprised me.She's petite,small,weighs about 110-115 and is horny as fuck.We fuck everyday.Now she only likes big dicks she'willing to meet new people and fuckyou if you are up to it and of course I must be there for her safety.
  • cml333 3 years ago
    Holy shit, looks like a girl from my university! Top stuff guys... keep it up!
  • 4finger 3 years ago
    wer sind die? haben die ein profil??
  • 4finger 3 years ago
    one of the best vids in hub thx for uploading it
  • MyWhiteTeens 3 years ago
    He did her ass good
  • maymonmen 3 years ago
    They look like if they were real lovers!
  • mechatanner 3 years ago
    god damn.. i had a german chick.. wasn't as good as that haha
  • britneyisonly4u 3 years ago
    i love this type anal
  • luvwarmcumm 3 years ago
    I lkove how his balls smack her pussy.
  • luvs2meetnfuck 3 years ago
    watching this makes me wanna hav sex so bad rite about now
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