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DaneJones With her he comes too soon!

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Czy masz tłumaczenie w Polski dla tytułu tego filmu? Pomóc ulepszyć Pornhub sugerując najlepsze tłumaczenia poniżej.
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Gwiazdy porno:  Connie Carter +
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  • Connie Carter
Kategorie:  Amatorki, Laseczki, Duże cycki, Gwiazdy porno +
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  • Amatorki
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Tagi:  busty, big-boobs, babes, pussy, homemade, real, orgasm, couple, romantic, kissing, foreplay, natural, danejones, czech, natural-tits +
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  • Danejones
Dodane na: 2 years ago
Polecane na: 2 years ago
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Najpopularniejsze komentarze
  • 1 year ago
    God no foreplay for the female or nothing.. that's what I hate about men, all they care about is just sticking it in, not even really seducing the women..
  • 3 months ago
    this woman should be called the queen of sex
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  • 1 year ago
    flawless pussy—so tight and beautiful :P
  • 1 year ago
    Love Connie, the greatest star, those bouncing boobs and look. With her everyone would come too soon.
  • 1 year ago
    God no foreplay for the female or nothing.. that's what I hate about men, all they care about is just sticking it in, not even really seducing the women..
    • 2 weeks ago
      Talking about your experiences only? Some men which you might not know yet do take care of Women.. very well....
    • 4 months ago
      he licked her pussy for 4 minutes at the end...what did u want for her? briosche and cappuccino?
    • 4 months ago
    • 4 months ago
      Not me, I'm famous for lots of foreplay!
    • 4 months ago
      Did you even watch the clip? There's 4 mins of foreplay in an 11 minutes video.
    • 5 months ago
      shes a porn star + its how the director of the movie wants to scenes to be
    • 5 months ago
      wtf are you talking about
    • 6 months ago
      Perhaps the men you go to bed with just don't care enough about YOU, sweety. Men are motivated, by a receptive, sexy and warm female beside them. What is it about you that keeps them from WANTING to satisfy you? Hmmm??
    • 7 months ago
      youve been with the wrong men honey, 90% the men ive been with take care of me before i take their cock unless its to 69. and there has never been one time you just have wanted it stuck in first?
    • 8 months ago
      You must be with the wrong guys, My foreplay sessions go forever.
    • 8 months ago
      your just an out right cunt for thinking all guys are just wanting to stick it in, i don't know about the rest of the guys on here but i enjoy pleasing my girl anyway i can, i quite enjoy going down on her but that's just me so if you would mind not making such a narrow minded comment and shut up because even your profile is all about girls and your turn-offs are "MEN...MEN....MEN..." good day and good bye
    • 9 months ago
      Its a porn movie, not real life :)
    • 11 months ago
      Don't upvote this bitch's comment. At 2:23, he clearly begins performing oral. At 3:10, they kiss and he fondles her pussy. In fact, he spends more time with her foreplay than she does his.
      Instead of making feminist straw man points, either stop fucking lame guys, or be direct and tell them what you want in bed instead of giving them the impression they are doing ok.
      I personally pride myself on foreplay, and this comment is completely sexist. I care more than just "sticking it in," you cunt.
    • 1 year ago
      I would point out there there is a considerable amount of cunnilingus in the end portion of the clip, and that there are numerous others from this company that feature extensive foreplay toward the beginning. As to your claim about men and what you hate about them, all that tells us is the caliber of men you're picking. Save the outrage, please.
    • 1 year ago
      Maybe women should stop being so easy and find someone who likes foreplay, instead of just hopping in the sack with the guy with the biggest dick. And she doesn't seem to be complaining. ;)
    • 1 year ago
      Not all guys. At least not me
  • 1 year ago
    perfect in every way imaginable
  • 1 year ago
    she is beautiful
  • 1 year ago
    oh my
  • 1 year ago
    I can't blame him, she's absolutely gorgeous and has great hand and mouth technique, glorious tits and a really sensuous pussy. Great video!
  • 2 years ago
    sometimes it's nice to just take it slow
  • 2 years ago
    simply cock blowing ... 2 good ....
  • 2 years ago
    i love this !
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