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Fat Girl Gets Fucked Hard

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Gwiazdy porno:  Karla Lane +
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Kategorie:  Przy kości +
Produkcja:  professional
Dodane na: 5 years ago
Polecane na: 5 years ago
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  • 9 months ago
    What an ugly cunt. Let the niggers have her
  • 1 year ago
    My wife has a similar body as her. If any black men want to see pics of her sent me a message. She is a beautiful BBC slut.
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  • 3 weeks ago
    She is amazingly beautiful and sexy.
    People of all sizes deserve love and have sexual needs. If you buy into our society's narrow views of beauty, then I guess it 's your loss because there is so much beauty in the variety all around us.
  • 1 month ago
    This is the best video i really love it &how it go from multiple angles it amazing.
  • 8 months ago
  • 8 months ago
    That's gotta be the most awkward porno I've ever watched! You could tell she's really insecure about herself (it shows when she has those awkward laughs/chuckles here and there). The overgrown and untrimmed hairy pussy is a real turn-off for me, not to mention she's very obese (not saying I don't like BBW's because otherwise I wouldn't have clicked on this video!). I almost feel bad for the guy fucking her! I really don't know how anyone could be turned on by that imo.
    • 8 months ago
      gues i will have to be more carful typing a search, big but yes, but i was looking for somthing a hole lot less gelotinouse, definet turn off!
  • 9 months ago
    What an ugly cunt. Let the niggers have her
    • 5 months ago
      Haha..that nigger is cumming after your mother,sister, wife and daughter and if you drop the soap, you are going to get it i the ass just like a racist bitch that you are...haha
    • 6 months ago
    • 6 months ago
    • 8 months ago
      big racist words for some one whos to chickenshit to post his photo! could u be afriad a abeat down,

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