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Creamy tight snatch white riding black

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89% 5427 660
od:  Unknown
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Added on: 5 years ago
Featured on: 5 years ago
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  • VoodooJustice89 1 year ago
    I want seeex lol Boosie? Damn..been awhile since I heard that
  • kingstonBD 2 years ago
    That's pretty hot
  • keyz_xxx 2 years ago
    n to any female in the orlando are lookin for a guy who knows how to handle his biz n do tha pussy ryt, hit me up. im from the islands, most of yall females should kno what that means.
  • keyz_xxx 2 years ago
    for all the users who dont recognize a females discharge, may i ask u a q?...have u ever made a girl orgasm? no asshole it is not an infection and it is not lubricant. it is that sweet juice that flows from deep inside the pussy, get it, got it? good. and for all the females who say different, i wish u luck in finding a suitable male who actually knows how to handle himself in bed and can please u until ur pussy creams that way! god i am jealous of that guy, hella gud video n hope to c more soon
  • Quimcake 2 years ago
    wish that was me
  • dickherdown05 2 years ago
    good creamy pussy
  • UMakeMeCum 2 years ago
    man i love that pussy hate the music
  • dolob 2 years ago
    Had to put this shit on mute
  • joshg89 2 years ago
  • DaddieDee 2 years ago
    damn i like his dick but im straight
  • BigDickAllDay 2 years ago
    She Busted a Nut instanly I lovee dat.
  • gui1946 2 years ago
    Une belle chatte bien cremeuse. Dommage pour la musique.
  • BBCfanatic 2 years ago
    This is what a BBC does to my tight pink pussy and I love it!!!
  • Blkcocklover 2 years ago
    Big blk cock makes my pussy cream just like this bitch. Huge Blk cock is Magic for white pussy, you guys see the results!!
  • Bmandycandy 2 years ago
    That Big blk cock had that pussy creaming, creamy pussy never lies...I love BBC!!!
  • sethrogan 2 years ago
    loved it, i wan full video
  • Zweryfikowany użytkownik
    AcceptTheLength 3 years ago
    haha thats not her squeezing her pussy @ 3:15 thats him moving his dick
  • SwagOnMarz 3 years ago
    aint nuthin better than sum creamy creamy .....when you get a broad fiendin something vicious.....that pussy will have some type of cream action going...shot out to all my ladies who got that real creamy pussy......and for you fuck boys who talkin some dumb shit obiviously r wet behind the ears....non gettin pussy ass niggaz.....imma pussy cream fiend......yeeeeeeee!!~!!!
  • Trobl 3 years ago
    what i wouldnt do to have her white creamy pussy on my BBC
  • sean321 3 years ago
    What you'll missed was at 3:15 she squeezes her pussy around his cock! This bitch got skillz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • eldomi 4 years ago
    shitt that booty is very nice
  • jabbajawz 4 years ago
    I know natural discharce n it don't be that think. Im thinkin he nut in her and they goin again...
  • c00kiemonster 4 years ago
  • bamaboy69 4 years ago
    will smith
  • jestking13 4 years ago
    really hot.. damm
  • lilbit512 4 years ago
    From a girl- Its just something that happens. other girls it more than others. its called natural discharge that we get as early as grade school. but yeah sometimes you can be going so fast that you dont even notice it. sometimes you pull your dick out an youll see it all over your head. :) my husband an i love it we never have to use lube..... :)
  • Everythingnmore 4 years ago
    One of my fav vids
  • billybobalu42 4 years ago
    damn she was wet as fuck
  • mmjustlookin 4 years ago
    The comments on this site sometimes, i wonder if most people posting are still in their early teens... if you leave a girl for a week or 2 with no sex, pre-heat the oven and tense that cock like you are having a heart attack you sometimes see cream, that is quite a bit of cream but she also is no small woman so its relative, my gf is vietnamiese she creams really early when she comes bk from holiday (how i know she aint had no cock) sometimes though you are jamming that thing in and out so fast you dont even notice the gradual creaming... doing it slowly like that you notice more of it but need a big cock to make slow sex work
  • sticks1990 4 years ago
    reminds me of my ex ;)
  • Wiener 5 years ago
    at 3:05, that nigga gets his nut
  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 years ago
    dat bytch look madd dirty..n i woulda fucked the shyt outta that dick she sucks at riding ugh
  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 years ago
    dat bytch looik dirty..n i would fuck the shyt outta that dick!!
  • DOMINATRIXXX 5 years ago
  • rob_kid 5 years ago
    EXCELLENT! Beautiful & Sensual
  • Maxwell 5 years ago
    people are amatures...its called discharge..every girl gets it
  • wannaknowbad 5 years ago
    Naw, Dat pussy just gets wet like that. I don't think she has anything. Some woman get really really wet like dat. I've seen it with long time girlfriends and my ex wife. U fuck em right and at the right time u can get them pussies creaming!!!!
  • barry1024 5 years ago
    that thing he does with his cock, aiming it without touching it, actually takes quite a bit of talent
  • Wrist Thick 5 years ago
    I've gotten a bunch of girls to cream like that, but it sure as hell took longer than 4 mins!!! Who knows? Maybe he got her real warmed up first. Thick cream like that cums from DEEP in the pussy. She has to be real hot and wet and cum a bunch of times before it starts flowing. And usually only big cocks can get it flowing like that.

    One more thing... I find that the SOUNDS a girl makes when she's creaming like that are the best part! Too bad this girl is drowned out by the tune :(
  • lokehood 5 years ago
    this one just does not get old!!!
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