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Lacey Duvalle
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Lacey Duvalle might sound like she’s half French, but the only French thing about this Washington, DC honey is the way she can swirl her tongue around a dick. This urban booty has got such mad blowjob skills she can make a man’s tool drool just by whispering his name. Those thick pouting lips look so damn natural wrapped around a penis head you’d think they were destined to swallow huge loads. The look of sheer ecstasy in her eyes when she gets those inches deeper and deeper into her lungs is like a devout priest ascending to heaven. Lacey has also got all the right checkpoints for an Ebony star in porno world. Awesome tits with cleavage so well-spaced it’s like a landing dock for tit fucking. Curves and folds in the best places for man-grabbing during the hardcore. A pristine vajeen that must taste like dark cherries and feel like a warm wet hug around your dick. Finally, there’s that money-maker of an ass. Her black booty has seen more dick than an army medical tent treating soldiers on leave in Whoretown, France. Unfortunately, Lacey has taken a break from the onscreen bang train with close to 200 titles under her belt. These days, Lacey is all about expensive travel, fine dining and loving life. We can all thank her for making our lives more loveable and way more stress-free as long as she never forgets what’s really important: being the nasty hot black slut she is and showing us a good time doing it.
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Ur.: 1982-04-05
Miejsce urodzenia: Washington D.C., United States
Wysokość: 5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Waga: 90 lbs (41 kg)

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